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What You Need to Know About Magic

Do you teach stage magic, sleight of hand, or illusions?

No, we are not that kind of magic school! We do not teach performing arts. We are a school of spiritual magical traditions including divination, folk magic, and mythology.

Are the spells I learn from MoonHaven guaranteed to work?

Please note that magic is not transactional, and there are no guarantees in any spiritual practice. We want to emphasize that practicing magic is a skill that needs to be cultivated, possibly over a lifetime of study, in order to obtain reliable results.

Do I have to have previous experience before taking a class?

No, not at all! MoonHaven is a school for people of all levels of familiarity and experience with these practices, including brand new beginners. Some classes do build upon previous course work, and are always marked as such in the title of the course. If you are uncertain, please contact us and we would be happy to help you decide.

You have a lot of female instructors. Is this community exclusively for women?

No! We welcome and honor students of all genders.

What is magic?

We think of magic as the energetic life force that animates everything — it is the medium through which we work to manifest our intentions and effect real change.
In essence, the practice of magic is an intention-setting form of manifestation. For us here at MoonHaven, this starts with an alignment of will within the deep self & psyche that is directed through intuition and thought, infused with energy, and released into the world through physical actions, such as ritual or crafting.

Magic is the tangible result of several core metaphysical truths that underlie the practice:
(1) That all of us are connected to Source, which is recognized by many names throughout all spiritual paths.
(2) That our world and our experience extend beyond everyday material reality to include energetic (or pranic), cognitive, emotional, and intuitive influences.
(3) That as spiritual beings, we are able to affect and be affected by the both subtle and material world — and as such, magic is the mechanism through with we harness the subtle into the material.

What is MoonHaven’s philosophy on teaching magic?

We believe that manifestation begins with connecting to your deep psyche and aligning intention at multiple levels of existence, from the spiritual, through the intuitive, emotional, mental, energetic, and physical layers of the self. We encourage our students to begin self-inquiry at a deep level to discover what sort of manifestation would truly bring them closer to their highest good. Once they have discerned the correct path for themselves, we want to offer them the tools to go forward and manifest what they need. What distinguishes us from many other traditions and magical practices is that we believe that what is often considered “Craft” or “Practical Magic” is in fact the final product of a long process of internal alignment and empowerment. We consider this a “from the roots up” or “essentialist” approach rather than the more widely understood top-down philosophy that implies the manipulation of objects can have a significant external effect, regardless of spiritual preparation or inquiry.
We encourage our students to nourish the roots of their soul, rather than grasp for the final fruits of their journey. We want to emphasize that practicing magic is a skill that needs to be cultivated, possibly over a lifetime of study, in order to obtain reliable results. By teaching magic in this fashion, we hope to cultivate a community of magical practitioners who have a strongly developed ethical and moral grounding, a deep love of Self, and an awareness of the interconnectedness of the world around us.

Is my magical lineage welcome here? What is MoonHaven’s spiritual affiliation? Can I attend without changing my religion?

We believe that everyone has access to Source, and therefore we can all practice what we have termed “magic.” MoonHaven is inclusive of any spiritual seekers from any and all traditions and backgrounds. We have designed our philosophy of magic and teaching to be complementary and supportive to any existing spiritual practice that students may observe. We do not seek to replace your spiritual path or faith, but to help augment and deepen it.

Can anyone learn to practice magic, or are only “gifted” people able to?

Anyone can follow the path of magic! The practice of manifestation is universal, and we ALL have access to Source — therefore, anyone can learn and practice magic. (In fact, one could argue that you’re doing it already, if subconsciously.) Just remember that like any other area of expertise, such as sports or the arts, while some may show a natural aptitude or inclination towards a field of study, it is a skill that anyone can learn and develop with practice and patience.

What is divination?

Divination is essentially a mode of gaining insight into one’s core self and one’s journey of personal evolution. While this may include glimpses into what may be in the future or what has been in the past, it is important not to confuse it with the stereotypical “fortune telling” often portrayed in popular culture. Most divinatory arts, such as Tarot, runes, tea leaf reading, I Ching, or dream interpretation, focus on unpacking the hidden symbols and messages we receive from our subconscious, while also reflecting the world around us. We practice divination so that we may gain a deeper understanding of our actions and intentions, which is why it’s important to remember that divination is not the voice of Fate but rather a way of informing our own choices. We choose and create our own destinies.

What is ritual?

In order to access our deep intuition, it is important to signal to the brain that it is time to shift gears from an external, ordinary-world consciousness to an internal, spiritually-minded consciousness. First, the nervous system needs to feel safe, and secondly, the five senses can be stimulated in a way that helps us recognize the sacred quality of the activities we are practicing. What ritual does for us, whether in groups or by ourselves, is to use physical tools like bells, incense, flowers, clothing, etc. to help trigger the mind to switch gears into a special or spiritual state of being that feels safe, nourishing, and magical.

Do you worship the Devil or demons?

The short answer is simply NO. This is a centuries old (and dangerous) misunderstanding about the nature of magic that has pervaded popular culture, and which has been willfully perpetuated by religious and political groups at many points throughout history.
The accusation of devil-worship is something that was originally used centuries ago as a political tool by the historical Catholic church in order to define and disempower a group of people that they did not understand, could not control, and (most likely) also feared. The results of these misperceptions have been deadly for many throughout history, particularly women. Mainstream popular culture has also continued to perpetuate the myth of devil-worship for reasons of convenient or sensational storytelling. Popular culture tends to treat all marginalized populations in a similar way, such as women, the LGBTQ community, non-white cultures, etc., by perpetuating inflammatory stereotypes for the sake of drama. MoonHaven is built around an inclusive philosophy — we are not encouraging our students to worship a particular entity of any kind. We simply encourage our students to honor whatever face of the divine is closest to their heart.

Is this like what I see on TV or read about in Harry Potter?

Often, authors and artists who create content about magic are not actually walking this spiritual path themselves. Therefore, their representations are reflections of their perceptions of something that they do not fully understand. While the imaginative and fantastistic representations that light up a screen or jump off a page can inspire the magical spirit within us all, it’s important to remember that magic is often employed as a plot device, and not portrayed as a valid spiritual path with its own internal logic. Filmmakers and writers also often neglect to show how much inner work and spiritual preparation is involved in the practice of magic.
On the other hand, what popular culture shows us about magic is not all wrong, either — although it often illustrates the practice in a warped, “funhouse mirror” manner in order to make it more appealing to audiences. The most common misunderstanding that we have noticed is a confusion of what occurs on an internal level versus the outer world.

For instance, in many magical traditions practitioners may engage with the energy of a spirit guide, which could take any number of forms depending on the specific tradition. This is something that occurs at an astral (or energetic) level once the person slips into a dream or meditative state, and it often takes significant practice for someone to be able to do so with any ease, reliability, or regularity. On the outside, this can look pretty boring. Hours and hours of watching a character sit in a trance — even with the aid of so-called “movie montage magic” — is not visually interesting. Thus, magical portals to other worlds or physical manifestations of spirit guides are pictured as happening on a physical level to illustrate what is actually happening at an energetic level. In reality, the practice is far more subtle and significantly less cinematic.

Are you appropriating cultural customs or traditions in your rituals and teachings?

As an educational entity invested in creating an inclusive environment and teaching multiple traditions, MoonHaven is mindful of discussing the dangers of cultural appropriation in the context of magical practice. It’s important to acknowledge that individuals may be called to magical traditions outside of their genetic heritage, which is why MoonHaven endeavors to honor all cultural traditions, and to welcome instructors of all backgrounds, both ethnically and spiritually. We believe that spiritual practices from around the world have much in common at their core, and we want to create a safe space in which to discuss those commonalities. We also believe that intersectionality is an ongoing discussion that is particularly complicated when you involve spiritual matters, and so we remain open-minded and eager to learn how to best support our students while honoring all cultural traditions.

Booking, Payment, Cancelations & Refunds

What type of reading should I get?

It's always best to follow your intuition! Most types of divination can be adapted to a wide variety of questions or situations. If you still aren't sure, let your reader know or contact us and we'll help you find the right reading type for you.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, check, and credit/debit card.

What is your refund & cancellation policy?

If you cannot make a workshop or class, you may request a refund up to 24 hours in advance of the event. Tickets will be refunded minus processing fees. If you cancel within 24 hours of the workshop or class, or are a no show, no refund will be issued. In emergency situations, students can contact us for special consideration.
Once classes, workshops, or private readings and consultations have begun, all sales are considered final and no refunds will be provided.

MoonHaven reserves the right to cancel any workshop or class, and if so will notify students in a timely manner and provide a full refund for their purchase.

If I book a consultation can I receive medical or psychiatric advice?

No. We are legally required to advise that clients should consider intuitive & psychic readings, energy work, and coaching/consultations to be for entertainment purposes only, and no claims are made as to the effectiveness of intuitive readings or energy healing work. Our readers and consultants are not medical or legal advisers, nor are they certified physicians. Readers and energy healers are not responsible for determining whether or not a client requires intervention by a licensed medical practitioner. We are not available or trained to assist with emergency or urgent physical crises.
No statement by the readers or energy healers should ever be taken by clients as a recommendation to discontinue the use of medications prescribed by an appropriately licensed practitioner, nor should any statement be taken as a recommendation to make drastic changes to a client’s life.

Any third party information or tools (such as books, articles, spiritual or religious curios) provided or suggest by the readers or energy healers are educational in nature, and it is up to the client to use his or her own independent judgement in assessing or utilizing such information.

MoonHaven Class & Event Policies

What is your location? Can I host you?

We are a pop-up school in the Frederick area, and we are looking to expand to the Baltimore and DC area. We enjoy partnering with local yoga studios, reiki & healing arts venues, local shops, community centers, parks, and more. If you are interested in hosting a workshop, please reach out to us here!

Do you do private workshops? Can I hire you for an event?

Yes! We are happy to do private events in a venue that you supply. We require a minimum of five students pre-registered through our website in order to run the event. For more details about scheduling and booking, check out our private events page.

Do you offer online classes?

We believe in the importance of face-to-face interaction when working to establish or deepen personal spiritual practices. Exploring alternative spiritual traditions can be a lonely path, and we want to help you feel connected and supported by a community of mentors, teachers, and friends. Therefore, we have decided not to offer virtual courses at this time, but rather to encourage you to come meet us in person so that we can share our energy and presence with each other as we learn together.

Do you offer workshops for children?

We do not currently offer workshops for children, although if there is demand, this may be something we offer in future years.

Can I bring my child to class?

Children under the age of 18 must have permission from a parent or guardian to attend class. Children under the age of 14, accompanied by an adult, will be considered on a case by case basis dependent upon the instructor’s discretion — please contact us if you would like to bring a younger child along with you to class.

Can I be one of your instructors or readers?

We are not currently looking to expand our network of instructors and readers. However, if you feel you are a good fit for MoonHaven, please reach out to us here. We are always happy to meet other in the magical community.

What credentials do MoonHaven’s instructors have?

MoonHaven instructors have certifications in their respective fields of practice, where certification is available. All instructors have been practicing for several years, and have reached a level of competence based on regular practice and study. They are passionate about sharing what they have learned in order to help others along their own path.





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