Julie & Catie have created MoonHaven's Foundational Courses based on the idea that manifestation starts with a yearning from the spirit, and must pass through each layer of the self on its way into physical reality. Only then can we align our physical world and our spiritual wisdom in a way that is contributing to our highest good. 


Each of our foundational courses is designed to examine a different layer of the self: intuitive, cognitive, energetic, and physical. When integrated as a whole, they create a deeply powerful version of you. Each of these foundational workshops is offered as a four hour afternoon event with MoonHaven co-founders Catie & Julie. The classes build on each other, but may also be taken in any order, and are appropriate for students of any level of experience, including brand new beginners. 

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This is a wonderful workshop to kickstart your spiritual crafting practice! This workshop places magical crafting in the context of a larger, introspective spiritual practice that brings you to your own highest good. We’ll discuss common systems of meaningful correspondences such as the five elements, astrological correspondences, lunar phases, seasonal considerations, and other techniques to make sure your magic packs a punch. 

School of Magic