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At MoonHaven we believe there are aspects of a spiritual journey that you simply cannot learn from books. There is something very special about being present in the energy of other practitioners of magic and seekers on the path, whether virtually or in-person. This journey is intimate, personal, and alive, and we believe it should be treated as such by supporting each other one-on-one whenever possible. 


Our private mentorship program will give students the opportunity to work with a mentor to custom design an apprenticeship curriculum that best suits both of their needs, interests, and availability.


At present, the following is a list of topics we are already prepared to offer in an in-depth mentorship capacity, with the aim of the student becoming independently proficient in their area of study. 


  • Intermediate & Advanced Tarot Reading

  • Norse Runic Magic & Divination

  • Practical Magic & Spell Craft 

  • Astrology

  • Herbalism & Green Witch Practices

  • Meditation & Breathing Techniques

  • Chanting & Mantra

  • Astral Travel

  • Druidry & Celtic Magic

  • Crafting Magic Wands & Tree Lore

  • Shadow Work & Modern Psychology

  • Designing Rituals for Self & Community

  • Metaphysical Hygiene & House Cleansings


The basic procedure of co-creating your mentorship with us is as follows:

  • You will begin with a one-time personal consultation (90 minutes, $100)


  • During this consultation, the student and the mentor will determine the duration and frequency of meetings (for example, 2 hours a week, or one full day per month) and the overall duration of the mentorship (one season, 13 months, or whatever feels sustainable and reasonable to both parties.) 


  • A written plan of intention will be drawn up by the mentor and student in which they will determine what topics they hope to study together, what the student’s personal goals are for the program, and what the instructor hopes to offer over the course of the mentorship. 


  • Included in the plan of intention will be an agreed-upon price for each shared session together. This both allows for flexibility of pricing to meet student and mentor’s needs, but also creates an opportunity for the mentor to request a bartering agreement in which services or goods are provided instead of a dollar amount (for example, if the student is a professional massage therapist, the mentor may ask to receive one massage in exchange for each mentorship session). Regardless of the decision, there must be an exchange of energy in some capacity, and the student and mentor must agree to it in written form.  


  • Once the student and mentor have studied together and completed their agreed-upon duration of mentorship, they will have a chance to review their original intentions and decide if it is appropriate for them to continue working together or not. If they decide to re-launch another mentorship program, another 90 minute private consultation will need to be purchased by the student in order to create the new program. 


We hope that you are as excited as we are about this opportunity to work more closely with one another as we continue to cultivate our skills and knowledge of magic, spiritual philosophy, and the world around us. We are eager to grow our list of mentors and students, and we are looking forward to receiving an e-mail from you with your ideas, questions, and requests! 

School of Magic
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