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"Julie's knowledge of the tarot deck, ayurveda, psychology, botany, history, magic, and folklore is impressively vast and helpful. She has a unique mix of wisdom, warmth, and intuition that makes working with her a joy, and a moving experience." - Amy Sprague

Are you looking for mystical clarification but not certain where to start? Do you have questions about your practice? Are you looking for recommendations or insight and need the the wisdom of a witch? Do you want help planning a ritual or spell?

Book a consultation with a witch for 45, 75, or 105 minutes and you'll be paired with one of MoonHaven's founders for a private session that will be part discussion & part practice. Depending on your needs, your session may include elements of tarot or other divination, meditation or astral travel, or spellcraft.

Once you purchase a session, you will be contacted for scheduling & booking. **Please note that all consultations are only being offered virtually for the time being. If you have an issue that you feel merits an in-person consultation, please email and we can discuss.**

Consult A Witch

  • If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, 24 hour notice is required. If 24 hour notice is not given, MoonHave & the reader reserve the right to charge the full amount for the time and/or type of service scheduled.

    If you are a no-show and miss your appointment without cancelling, you will be charged the full amount.

    In the event of an emergency, we are able to consider exceptions to this policy on a case by case basis and at the discretion of the reader.

  • PLEASE NOTE all consultations are currently delivered virtually online.

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