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Catie teaches the theory and practical applications of the Craft with an emphasis on divination, personal transformation, and modern mystical living. She specializes in the Tarot and deep intuitive practices.

For private readings, Catie offers tarot and intuitive readings. She also offers private coaching and consultations for individuals seeking guidance and transformation.

Catie began her practice at an early age, learning to read the tarot while still in high school. Nearly 15 years of study later, Catie has developed a profound understanding of the cards and deep intuitive practices, focusing on how each discipline helps us make meaning in our lives.

A life-long student of spiritual and metaphysical inquiry, she believes that the tarot and intuitive practices help us tap into our subconscious as they illuminate the archetypes and messages that guide us towards living in harmony with our truest selves.

She grounds her practice in philosophies both new and old, from the writings of Brene Brown and A.H. Almaass to the ancient "bone wisdom" of Zen masters and Western Astrologers. She also has a particular interest in the role spirituality plays in coping with grief, trauma, and personal transformation.

As co-founder of Moonhaven, Catie is excited to share her knowledge of divination and intuitive practices with the magical community, as well as her joy for shared ritual and spiritual discovery.

You can book a reading with Catie here:

Catie Peiper
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