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After receiving a Bachelor's Degree in English Literature, Julie decided she wanted to pursue her goal of becoming an author. Her senior thesis had been a novella length fictionalized biography of the pirate Anne Bonny, and she was ready to try her hand at longer works.

Julie spent many hours in the theater, both onstage and backstage, throughout her education and after graduation. An opportunity arose for her to write an adaptation of Zorro for a local theater, as a children's play. While the script writing process was fun and fulfilling, the event of seeing her words on stage was a little less satisfying.

So, Julie tried her hand at novels. She wrote three full length works with the support of NaNoWriMo, and graduated from the Institute of Children's Literature correspondence course. Writing, as always, was thrilling. However, as Julie explored deeper into the world of publishing, she quickly realized that writing novels was not at all the same thing as selling them.

A kind hearted friend helped Julie to realize that she had really been writing for herself, and that was OK. Meanwhile, Julie's yoga teaching career was taking off with little effort, and so the creative energy of writing was reborn into spiritual energy on the path of yoga. Ultimately, that spiritual, creative energy evolved into new forms as Julie studied mysticism more deeply and fell in love with the secrets of the soul. This, of course, led her to co-create MoonHaven, her ultimate spiritual work.

Julie used to write novels about witches who lived in the woods.

Once she realized that she could become one, she never looked back.

Julie Skaarup
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