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This alluring blend balances the sophistication of bergamot with the playfulness of geranium, set in a luscious background of rose and lavender to create a sweet & crisp, balanced floral fragrance.


Blessed with flower essences designed to attract the Fae spirits of nature, this blend was consecrated with symbols sacred to Celtic spiritual traditions. Designed to be a gesture of friendship to the Fair Folk who dwell in the Otherworld, this blend is sure to invite an element of surprise into your magical practice, so be ready to laugh along with the unexpected and be quick on your feet!


If you’re new to working with the Fae, using this potion as an offering would be a joyful and respectful way to initiate a relationship with their realm.

Hardware: 1 oz spray bottle, contains Rose Quartz chip as an agitator
Base: *Rose hydrosol, *Lavender hydrosol, Spring Water (hand gathered)
Essential Oils: Bergamot, Geranium, Rose Absolute, Lavender
Essences: *Moonstone, *Hawthorn, *Bluebells in rain, *Veronica Filiformis (Slender Speedwell) 
Add-ins: Vitamin E, Polysorbate-20, Alcohol
Runic & Crystal Energies: 7-pointed star, Druidic Awen symbol, Triskelion; Rose Quartz, Carnelian, Apatite, Amethyst, Prehnite, Citrine
Sacred to: The Nymphs, The Fae, The Maiden, Gwyn ap Nudd, Danu, Tuatha de Dannan/Tylwyth Teg, Rhiannon, Blodeuwedd, Aengus Og, Mercury/Hermes, Pan, gnomes, leprechauns/clurichans, Earth spirits (trees, rocks, etc.)

Suggested Use: Anoint your pulse points to invoke whimsical, fairy energy into your day; spritz at the base of a tree or large rock face as an offering to the nature spirits who live there; mist in the shape of a doorway and walk through to facilitate entry into the Otherworld during ritual; anoint your altar or cauldron to dedicate your tools to the Fair Folk; set up a miniature fairy altar and store the potion bottle there; sneak up on your friends with the bottle and spritz unexpectedly whenever you want to introduce a little mischief and playfulness into a situation!

*Denotes ingredient is reverently handmade

Please note that Flower Essences do not add any fragrance to the potion, but are rather an energetic ingredient, with the plant matter at an extreme dilute. 


All potions are lovingly handmade in small batches, and charged energetically with crystal grids & runic symbols, blessed with handmade sacred wand woods, and crafted with sensitivity to the astrological timing of the manufacturing. When they sell out, they could be gone forever. Please check back seasonally for new formulations! 

Want a custom potion designed for you? Aromatherapist and MoonHaven co-founder Julie Skaarup offers private consultations which include a full length private divinatory reading (tarot, runes, etc.), and a handcrafted bespoke potion based on the findings of the reading to support you in your specific situation.


None of our potions are intended for ingestion or internal use.

Friend of the Fae

  • All Elixir & Enchantments are intended for personal mystical use. By purchasing one of our products, you acknowledge that our Elixirs & Enchantments are not intended for medical or mental health use. Please seek medical or psychiatric advisement for any medical or mental health concerns. All Elixirs are topical in nature; please do not ingest any of our products.

    By purchasing this product, you understand that some ingredients may pose the possibility, albeit rare, of an allergic reaction depending on individual allergies. MoonHaven will list all ingredients in the product description. By purchasing the product, you acknowledge and assume the risk of any direct or indirect allergic reation.

    MoonHaven believes personal intention & practice provide an essential element to all Elixirs & Enchantments. Although we fully believe in the power of our products, individual experience & practice can vary. MoonHaven does not make any guarantee of specific outcomes or results.

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